Bid Opportunities

This page lists the current bid opportunities within Trumbull County in PDF form. You will need Adobe Reader to view these requests for bids. To download a free copy of Adobe Reader click on the Adobe icon below:

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These bid opportunities are also available for viewing by visiting DemandStar at


TRU - FIFTH AVE. for the Trumbull County Engineer’s Department

The following bid opportunities are not available on DemandStar:

The Workforce Development Board (WDB) of Trumbull County is soliciting bid proposals from interested parties to serve as the “Employer of Record” for the Opioid Emergency Recovery Grant


Public Hearings/Notices

None available at this time.


Legal Notices

Internet Auction 2021


Required Forms (Electronic Versions)

Trumbull County Policy on Drug and Alcohol Use - PDF

Non-Collusion Affidavit - PDF

Tax Affidavit - PDF

W-9 Form - PDF